terminus data science provides data science consulting with a focus on the upstream oil and gas E&P industry.

Our capabilities include exploratory data analysis, integrated characterization, predictive modeling, interactive visualization, data-driven optimization, custom training, and more.

Our focus is on delivering maximum return on investment through the use of open-source tools and standards-based platforms to deliver superior results without the cost and liability of proprietary software licensing and lock-in.

With terminus data science, engineering experience, data science expertise, and communication skills combine to help clients reach holistic understanding of complex relationships embodied in data, extracting critical understanding that will drive better decisions.

Like most human activity in the 21st century, the E&P industry is unleashing a torrent of data into the world. Real-time measurement, pervasive automation, and ever-growing electronic storage capacity have enabled the collection of detailed records regarding nearly every aspect of the upstream enterprise.

Within this data may lie the key to unlocking the challenges of the modern oil and gas industry: unconventional resources, sophisticated completions, complex geology, and volatile economic environments.

However, a mountain of data—unintegrated, uninterpreted, heterogeneous—alone is no solution to these challenges.

Extracting the useful information from this landslide of data has proven more difficult. In order to capture critical inter-relationships, data from various disciplines and phases of operation—geoscience, drilling, completions, operations—must be integrated across a wide range of data types and resolutions.

terminus data science can help apply techniques from the disciplines of AI, machine learning, and data mining to extract useful features from high-resolution data and to detect and model complex multivariate and non-linear relationships.

Unfortunately, many practitioners and toolkits stop there.

Even the most sophisticated and accurate models are worthless if they cannot convey understanding to technical professionals and domain experts. Static reports of raw quantitative results and trained model parameters are unhelpful in comprehending complex interactions.

terminus data science can harness the power of interactive digital graphics to create compelling visualizations through which E&P experts can explore high-dimensional data sets and predictive models, performing planning and optimization tasks with immediate feedback.

This enables these professionals to achieve the ultimate goal of any analysis.

In the end, the objective of any data science project is to help technical professionals make better decisions.

terminus data science understands that data is only as valuable as the improved outcomes it drives. Applying E&P experience throughout the data science process keeps the focus on the critical questions behind these business decisions.