Bring clarity to your investments

get the technology and skills you need to make the most of your data.

Founded in 2013, terminus provides consulting, custom software, workflow automation, and training for the energy and investment communities.

We enable our clients to achieve maximum return on investments by understanding complex relationships embodied in data and extracting critical understanding that will drive better decisions.

Exploratory Data Analysis

The first step toward making better decisions using data is to identify meaningful relationships and trends, and discard the irrelevant. In collaboration with subject-matter experts, we use interactive visualizations, simple statistical techniques, and custom data processing to extract signal from the noise.

Data Management & Analytics Consulting

The world of data-driven digital workflows can be overwhelming. With years of experience, we can be a trusted and independent advisor as your organizations navigates key decisions in the design and implementation of these technologies.

Machine Learning

Turning data into information means understanding the relationships between measured metrics and key outcomes, and disentangling correlation from causation. Using appropriate techniques from statistics and machine learning, and carefully applying domain expertise in collaboration with your technical experts, we can help predict outcomes and identify opportunities for improvement.

Custom Software

Your technical workflows are a key piece of your organization's value chain. When "one-size-fits-all" solutions don't fit, we can help by building custom tools to automate, accelerate, and augment your core competencies.

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Digital disciplines like programming and data science will be a critical part of the engineer's toolkit for the decades to come. Drawing on years of experience and our background in engineering disciplines, we provide training and coaching to help build these skills in the context of real-world problems. Learn more

Open Source Software

We believe in open-source tools and the power of collaborative development and accessible standards. We've built and released freely-available software to solve problems ranging from technical analysis to data processing.

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